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We have experience with even the most complicated family law cases. We’ll help determine the right course of action for you and your individual needs. We can handle your case with the necessary sensitivity while ensuring you have good, proactive representation fighting your corner. Landmark Legal LLP understand the sensitive nature of family proceedings, particularly proceedings involving children, therefore we offer a detailed, confidential and effective advice.  We can help with:
  • Divorce
  • Ancillary Relief
  • Family Financial
  • Private children proceedings 
    • Residence Order/Live with Order 
    • Contact Arrangements 
    • Specific Issue Order 
    • Prohibited Steps Order 
    • Change of Child’s Name 
  • Public Children Proceedings
    • Care Order 
    • Supervision Order 
    • Emergency Protection Order 
    • Child Assessment Order 
  • Adoption
  • Transfer of tenancy
  • Family mediation
  • Pre-nuptial agreement / post-nuptial agreement 

Domestic Violence

If you’re looking for legal advice relating to domestic violence or abuse, we offer support while providing a sensitive approach. Victims of domestic violence often feel scared or vulnerable and we are here to help you take legal action against your abuser and ensure you are protected. Domestic violence can occur in relationships in which people live in the same household or share an intimate relationship, this includes in heterosexual or same sex couples, couples who do not reside in the same household, former partners, between family members, housemates and within forced marriages/Female Genital Mutation. Domestic violence may also include different types of behaviour which is intended to threaten and intimidate or cause harm to the other party, including:
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Criminal damage to personal property
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Stalking
Domestic violence victims may experience one or more of the above and it is vital to take immediate legal advice on domestic violence to ensure safety. Landmark Legal LLP offer dedicated and confidential legal advice to prevent further abuse to adults and children. Can help with:
  • Non-molestation Order
  • Prohibited Steps Order
  • Occupation Order
  • Emergency Protection Against Domestic Violence
  • Domestic violence again children
  • Domestic violence in same sex couples


We can work with both tenants and landlords to find an amicable solution to the problem at hand. We’re also perfectly poised to give you a voice if the case does need to proceed. When things go wrong in your housing situation, it becomes clear just how complex property law can be. At Landmark Legal LLP, we work hard to bring you a clear, concise understanding of your rights and what’s expected of you while fighting your corner in your time of need.
We can help with:
  • Housing Issues
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes
  • Possession matters
  • Disrepair
  • Homelessness
  • Unlawful Eviction
  • Harassment
  • Property Disputes, including leasehold


No matter the litigation issue you’re facing, it’s vital to have proper expertise in your corner. We can help both employers and employees defend themselves and their incomes. We can help with:
  • Breach of Contract
  • Negligence
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Charging orders
  • Freezing injunctions


We regularly represent our clients at Police Stations, Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts. Our clients know they can rely on a prompt and effective service. Landmark Legal LLP understand that it is important that you are well represented, either at court or at the police station. Suspects under arrest are entitled to free legal advice from criminal defence experts. If you are entitled to legal aid, Landmark Legal are able to advise you on criminal charges before a charge is brought and at any stage throughout the criminal proceedings.
We can help with:
  • Confiscation
  • Burglary
  • Drug importation
  • Drug Supply
  • Theft & Robbery
  • Sexual offences
  • Pre-Charge investigations
  • Police station interview
  • Magistrates Court representation
  • Crown Court representation
We understand that navigating the legal system can be difficult and intimidating, which is why we foster an environment of open communication with our clients. By ensuring we answer any queries quickly, we create a great relationship with you while also making sure you know what to expect from the process. At Landmark Legal LLP, we make sure you don’t have to deal with this alone and are in the best possible position. We are always 100% honest with our clients so you know you can depend on us to provide you the right advice at the right time.